Our Christmas Card To You…

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19 thoughts on “Our Christmas Card To You…

    1. Like I just said in my last reply, Mommy Crystal wasn’t in hospital but Crystal’s Mommy was in the hospital and got home 2 days before Thanksgiving. Crystal’s Mommy hasn’t been feeling well. I hope that’s clearer.
      Daisy Mae

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  1. Meow meow do not wurry Miss Crystal yore card from you an Daisy Mae iss here!!!! Inn fact, wee gotted 5 cardss today! LadyMew iss havin another ruff day so not sure when wee open cards. Mee not want to diss-terb her.
    Shee had 2 seezuress on Monday an shee iss still ree-covurrin. Mee thanx youss fore thinkin of us. An wee did not pawticipate inn See-cret Pawss due to LadyMew’ss health (or lack thereof….)
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Glad card is there. We didn’t get in Secret Paws either. To much going on and with Mom just getting out of the hospital 2 weeks ago. Well it wasn’t practical. Purrs and Prayers to LadyMew.

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      1. Mee-yow did wee know Miss Crystal was inn Hospital Daisy Mae?? LadyMew sayss shee can not ree-memburr. Shee had a nasty shock with seezuress an mee thinkss shee hit her head ’cause shee iss furgettin stuff….
        Pleeze tell Miss Crystal mee sendss her POTP an loadss of healin **purrsss** an LadyMew sends gentell {{huggiesss}} too!

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      1. Miss Crystal LadyMew has bin diss-tracted THE past 2 weekss an then yesterday was a fire inn buildin….wee got out OKay an then LadyMew had not 1 butt 2 seezuress on patio. Wee had a handsum young Purry-medic man help us. LadyMew iss slowly workin thru’ emailss…it mite still bee inn inn-box or shee mite have dee-leted bye miss-take. (Shee iss REELLY mixed upss!!) Wee not have a card here yet from youss’. Wil meow to Ladymew to check dailee OKay?

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      2. The card was sent sometime last week I think. You know Snail Mail. Sorry about LadyMew, hope she gets better real soon. If she doesn’t check daily do it every other day. Better yet do it every 2 days. Hope you get card soon. I picked each of my cards for each recipient. Let us know when you get it. How’s Secret Paws going?

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