24 Days ‘Til Christmas…


It’s 24 days until Christmas and I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet… Ahhhh….. What am I going to do? I know  what I’m getting 6 people, I just have to order it. As for my 4 Nieces  and 1 Nephew well I have no idea what I’m buying them. Since the four girls are either in college or just graduated from college, I’m going for something that is practical. As for my Nephew, he being 17 mentioned he needed a new wallet so I’m trying for that. Since they are getting gift cards or checks, I wanted something small for them to open. If you have any suggestions I am open to hearing. As nothing has been decided yet.

What are you getting your kids and/or Grandkids? Please tell me.

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14 thoughts on “24 Days ‘Til Christmas…

    1. I thought so too but wallets must be a popular item this Christmas because the ones I like are out of stock so had to go to something else. If they still have them on Thursday, I’m going for Sherpa Queen sized blankets that are really heavy and warm. Pawprints for the girls and the buck pattern for my Nephew.


  1. Meow meow Miss Crystal giftie cardss seem to bee THE ‘inn’ thing! LadyMew iss buyin fore Miss Mary-Ellen an her furamilly…most of them have catss so they will get Pet Valu giftie cardss. And Scritchy-scratch ticketss.
    A Wallet iss a grate idea an you can put sum $money$ or a check inn it too! Iss hard to shop isn’t it?? LadyMew can not go from store to store like shee used too.
    Guud Luck with yore shoppin…
    **purrsss** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Do not forget to buy Daisy Mae tasty treetss Okay?? 😉

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    1. I got 2 adult gifts down soon to be 4. I like your idea of putting money in it. The Nephew was getting money so that’ll work perfectly. Thanks for that idea.
      Don’t worry, won’t forget Daisy Mae. Not sure what to get but my love and me… He He!!😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

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      1. HURRAH Miss Crystal fore getting sum giftiess bott. LadyMew gotted all THE Pet value giftie cardss an scritchey-scratch ticketss an THE 4 wooden ornamentss. 1 fore Aunty Sheila; 1 fore Aunty Melinda; 1 fore Miss Mary-Ellen an 1 fore LadyMew’ss Cousellor! Whey are wooden angels an have speshell sayinss on them. An they fit inn to Catmass cards purrfectlee….
        Mee wunderss if Daisy Mae wuud like a mew blanket? Or a new stuffie?? Or sum tasty food shee REELLY loves? Rizzo RAT iss ackshullee mee BIG Chanukkah giftie…reelly reelly early! 😉

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      2. I’m sure whatever you get her she’ll just love. However I suggest getting LadyMew’s favorite food. Who doesn’t like food? The Pet Value giftie cards and wooden ornaments sound great.

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