Should A Child Dream Big?


Starting when we are young children our parents, our grandparents and even friends start asking us: What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a typical question and one that is apt to be asked sometime in your childhood. A young boy might say he wants to be a Contractor, a Fireman, a Doctor, a Lawyer then you have the girl who might say she wants to be a Nurse, a Doctor, a Teacher or Professor. However, in the world today, you might here a girl say she wants to be President, an engineer or some other jobs that is mostly dominated with men. So is it wrong for girls to think they can do a man’s job? Absolutely not.  In fact, some women might be able to do the man’s job better.

Should Children Dream Big?

So should children dream big knowing they might fail? Yes of course a child should dream big knowing they might fail. Why? Because dreaming big means challenging themselves and if they challenge them self well, who knows what they will achieve. If they fail, yes there will be disappointment but it’s not the end of the world. Also, failure should be considered a stepping stone that’ll get the child to a destination or goal they never thought of.

A Child’s Dreams VS. An Adult’s Dreams

When a child has dreams they are usually small to medium dreams. When that child becomes an adult, their dreams start to change and they even start dreaming bigger dreams. So is it healthy for a child to dream big with possible failure looming? Yes it is not only healthy but it challenges the child to go for what they want. In other words, go for all the gusto you can.

Examples Of A Child’s Dream 

1.) Fireman

2.) Contractor

3.) Lawyer

4.) Doctor

5.) President

The list goes on and on.

Examples Of An Adults Dream 

1.) Writer/Author

2.) Franchise Manager/CEO

3.) Teacher

4.) Nurse

5.) Doctor

6.) Lawyer

The list goes on and on. See any similarities between a Child’s dreams and an Adult’s dreams? Not to much difference is there?

So What Have We Learned?

That both children and adults should dream and their dreams should be big. Also, if you really want to do something and I mean really do something then I encourage you to go for it. It may not happen right away but it will happen. For example, it took me 51 years before I went for one of my dreams and I’m getting there slowly but in my past, I have been lucky enough to achieve other dreams as well. What are your dreams you want to achieve or have already achieved. I’m interested in hearing them whether big or small. Trust me, I will not judge you. To me any dream achieved is a huge accomplishment.

KEEP DREAMING FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






18 thoughts on “Should A Child Dream Big?

  1. Oops, I sent this in your contact form rather than comment section – sorry: My dream is for no more homeless pets and peace on earth in my lifetime. I believe this can be achieved and I work towards it every day. It may sound impossible, but most people do not want war, and most people do not want pets to be homeless, so if we all work a little more towards those goals, they can be achieved.

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  2. I as a child really wanted to be a railroad engineer. Didn’t happen, though I never pursued it. I spent a lot of time beginning in my early years putting together plastic airplanes, and lo and behold, I eventually became an aircraft mechanic! 😻

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  3. Fabulous blog post Crystal!! When I was 9 years old I told my Father, Nanna & Zaida I wanted to be a Bush Pilot so I could deliver food, water, medicine, clothing to the Inuit (Eskimo) up north in Baffin Bay & James Bay….I even had picked out the colors of the sea plane I wanted.
    As time passed two things came to light: 1) I have no sense of direction & 2) I have an overwhelming fear of heights…..
    Then I decided on being a Plumber….well NO ONE would take a 17 yr old girl as an Apprentice….
    I knew I did not want to do a ‘girly’ job….so what to do??? And then a big old Dodge 1 ton dual wheel Tow Trick rolled into my life….I named her TANK! And I became the FIRST Female Tow Truck Operator in my Province (in your country State). I went into partnership with my childhood sweetheart & he taught me all he knew. Within 2 years we were brokers with our own Tow Truck I named Hy-Roller as in Highway Roller! And it was a wonderful 4 years…hard work, sleepless days & nights & helping so many people.
    And then it all ended…..
    But it gave me the direction to become a Professional Nanny & raise children…..followed by Nursing. Not ordinary Nursing. I chose to take care of Para & Quadriplegics! And I married one of my patients who left this world in 1996.
    Regrets, sure a few….but I loved every career I chose….
    And it all started dreaming I could fly a sea place & help the Inuit far up North!
    Thanks for reading this Crystal.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

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    1. That’s a great for a child and/or adult.
      When I was a kid going through school everyone looked down and told me I couldn’t reach my goals that is except my family.
      All I wanted was to college and graduate. I not only did that but got 2 diplomas. Now I’m challenging myself to write a box set.

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      1. I hear you…no one really encouraged me in school. And I only told my Father my dreams. My Mother had NO dreams for me…I was just supposed to be a Secretary or a Book keeper like her & marry a ‘nice’ Jewish boy & appear normal. I could NOT bear the idea of being stuck behind a desk…..
        My Mother was furious when I went into Tow Trucking. Only my Father (who was old world Jewish) supported me. He was my “ROCK”! And Crystal you can do anything you put your mind too! And 2 diplomas is nothing to sneeze at! You GO Girlfriend!!!!!

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      2. When a counselor came to the house and told Mom and I would be lucky to go to any college well I wanted to prove I could do it. I always wanted to go to college. I’m just happy I got where I did.


  4. Dream big. Child and adult alike. I don’t think you’ll accomplish much if you don’t dream. It’s fun to work those dreams into reality.

    Have a fabulous day, Crystal. Scritches to Daisy Mae. ♥

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