Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2019

Welcome my wonderful readers. You may call me crazy after what happened to me today. You see when I woke up this Morning, I had this strange feeling. It was very strong. My mind was racing which is something because I’m not a Morning person. Then after breakfast, I saw 2 humming birds just there on my deck. Then after I read on several blogs it was Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2019. I knew what that strong feeling was. I was remembering my cat Tigger. 

None of you probably remember my Tabby Cat Tigger but may have read about her. You see, sadly Tigger earned her wings and went to Rainbow Bridge on 9-11-2015. A bitter sweet day. Bitter because my cat died and sweet because 9-11 would have been my Grandmother’s birthday if she hadn’t passed away a few years earlier. I miss my Grandmother and my rescue Tabby Cat Tigger. There are 2 pictures of my rescue Tabby Cat Tigger below. She’s now over the Rainbow Bridge and playing and teaching all the other animals that come after her. 









14 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2019

  1. Dear Tigger…she did have a rough start…my Simpson (an Abbyssinian Tabby) was found in a steel warehouse @ 5 months of age. Simpson was afraid of men also…she steered clear of my Mother’s husband & my baby brother. She liked my Mother & myself. She did not like my Sister either. She had a good long life & thankfully my Mother let me visit Simpson regularly. And she took very good care of her (unlike how she treated her children).
    I have had many rescues & many cats & 2 dogs & 2 Budgies….they all live in my heart……

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    1. Our pets have been mostly rescued/adopted too. All our dogs were rescue but 2 (Our Collie Tara and last dog which was a female Alaskan Malamute). When I was a kid I had a pet Chameleon too. Like you, They live on in my heart.

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      1. Same here Crystal…all my furbabies were rescues. Rebecca my Foxhound & Bogart Sam my Shepherd/Husky were run-aways that my husband & I took in. I di a lot of cat rescues & also took care of feral cats during our marriage.
        Mingflower I rescued from my foster Cousin who abused her. Nylablue was a rescue from an abusive situation also.
        Purrince Siddhartha Henry was a regular adoption altho’ his owner did not want to care for him. Funny thing is; we became best friends & she helped me with P SH a lot.
        BellaDharma was a rescue from the Shelter where she lived in a room by herself for 2 years.
        You had a chameleon?? WOW! Very cool……

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  2. Hello Crystal I am so sorry about your loss of Tigger. It is so difficult to say “Goodbye” to our furbabies isn’t it???
    Tigger looks a lot like my cat Pyewacket I had in the early 1980’s. She succumbed to Distemper at only 6 years of age. (She was left in my estranged husband’s care; BIG mistake). I vowed I would never entrust any furbaby to someone else’s care. And I kept that promise with Mingflower; then Nylablue & Purrince Siddhartha Heny. Now I have BellaDharma & I am devoted to her. P SH’s ‘Niece’…it is hard enough to lose a beloved furbaby to old age &/or illness. It is much harder when they are in prime of their lives as Pyewacket & P SH were.
    May your memories bring you peace.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

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    1. Thank You. May you cherish memories of your previous cats.
      Tigger had a rough kittyhood. I knew the previous owner. I don’t know when Tigger was born. However, I know she lived a long life. She was a rescue cat and she died before we got her to the vet. She did not like men. Go figure. LOL. At least I know and have the memory of her making up with dad before she died. Since we had Daisy Mae too, Tigger mellowed— A lot. So many memories and thankfully most of them good.

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