Fawn/Deer Pictures + Bonus Picture


A little while ago I had gotten a picture of Mamma deer and her one fawn. Since then, 2 more fawns have shown up and since the trail camera went kablooey we got a new one and the pictures are much better.  Then of course it might have to with the fact its an upgraded version, it has High Definition, it has infrared picture taking and is it waterproof too? That’s a good question. I thought I would share some pictures from the new trail camera. The brand name is Stealth Camera 14. The first few Pictures are from the Moultrie Trail Camera then the last few are on the Stealth Camera 14 trail camera.

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JULY 20, 2019 TO JULY 26,2019 

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AUGUST 3, 2019

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Now that you’ve seen 2 slideshows from the Moultri Trail Camera now here is a slideshows from the Stealth Camera 14. See if you see the difference. 

AUGUST 13, 2019 TO AUGUST 22, 2019

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