Friendly Fill -Ins

Daisy Mae and I will be doing Friendly Fill – Ins different this week. We will both answer each question. Daisy Mae’s answer will be in Navy Blue and my answers will be in Purple. All answers will be in italics.

  1. I’m a stickler for Security and Privacy. Daisy Mae’s answer is: she’s a stickler for Getting my cat treats and keeping my owners at home.

  2. By the end of August, I plan to Write another poem  and write a post on my other site WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) . Daisy Mae says, she plans to find another… What am I talking about. I have no plans but to continue sleeping. I’m a cat for kittens sake.

  3. My compassionate and understanding personality is my favorite thing about myself. Daisy Mae says: everything is her favorite thing about herself.

  4. These days, my biggest priority is My Faith and Walking with God and doing what He wants me to. Daisy Mae says her biggest priority is staying safe with her owners.