A Strange Funeral

We all go to funerals in our lives for our family and friends. We also hope and pray that our children don’t die before us but life doesn’t always happen that way. 

I just recently went to a funeral since my Aunt died. This funeral was like no other. The funeral was held in the  dark since there was no electric. Toward the end of the end of the funeral and before the luncheon the lights came back on. The food had to heated up elsewhere. When I asked my parents why there was no electricity? They said, the power company had scheduled a power outage during the time of the funeral. When you don’t know it’s scheduled, it is really strange and weird.

What’s the strangest funeral you’ve been to? What’s the strangest thing that has ever happened to you? Let me know. 



9 thoughts on “A Strange Funeral

  1. A funeral during a power cut; that is pretty unique Crystal!! Would your Aunt have seen the funny side of this situation? It gives a whole meaning to ‘lights out’!
    My oddest funeral was my 1st one. I was 9 years old & my GreatGrandfather Yossel died. He was very old….I adored him. My Father took us to the city for the Funeral & we ended up going on the Subway! My first & last time for that mode of travel. It was utterly freaky…..remember I was a child with Hyperactivity Disorder so new situations could really trigger me. My Father sang to me on the Subway & that kept me calm. He was a Cantor for 32 years & had the most beautiful Tenor voice (like Jose Carreras). So after the subway we took a taxi to this old Victorian house. The mirrors were covered & the casket was in parlour. It was a traditional Orthodox Jewish occasion. So there I am looking at the casket which is closed. I say to my Father “How do I know Papa Yossel is in there?” Jewish people have closed caskets….I bugged my poor Father & finally he sort of sidled up to the casket & motioned me over. No one was actually paying attention & he lifted the lid about 3-4 inches so I could see my Beloved GGFather Yossel. Once I saw him looking so peaceful I was fine. A few people DID see what my Father had done but they didn’t chastise him because they knew I was a ‘bit odd’. I actually prefer Christian funerals so I can ‘see’ the person & say Goodbye. Just don’t tell my Jewish relatives, lol…..
    {{{hugs}}} an sincere condolences Sherri-Ellen & ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Still learning Jewish tradition since I have friends who are Jewish. So to me the Christian way is better too. I feel that is a very legitimate question whether you’re 9 or an adult. I did have another relative who had an accident and the damage to him was major so the family had a closed casket. What you told me is our little secret. Shhh…

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