Friendly Fill – Ins, Brian’s Thankful Blog Hop & Caturday Art

Daisy Mae And I are thankful we live in a free land and free to choose to make up our own mind and not have a Dictator telling us what we can and can’t do. We’re very grateful to the veterans, active military and especially grateful to those who paid the ultimate price.



Daisy Mae and I are doing 2 questions each. Daisy Mae will answer questions 2 & 4 and I will do questions 1 & 3. Answers will be in italics.

1.) I like my printer that comes with a fax and scanner functions.

2.) When I was a kitten, I had to have catnip, toys and time for exploring and playing.

3.) I spend the most time thinking about … now that is tough question. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my book.

4.) Exploring a small tunnel in the basement I’ve never been in is a risk worth taking.




28 thoughts on “Friendly Fill – Ins, Brian’s Thankful Blog Hop & Caturday Art

    1. Ahhhh… Thanks everyone. Human Mommy says thanks too. We’re very sorry we’ve been strangers but we’ve had a lot to do. Hope to explain later. See ya soon.
      Crystal And Daisy Mae

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  1. WHEW! Iss guud you had a second litterbox fore Daisy Mae! Do you have that inn-surance that covurrss floodin? LadyMew says wee have speshell coverage here.
    HHHMMMM does Daisy Mae like Catnip toyss??? Like croyshayed oness with ‘Nip inn-side? Or does shee chase ‘red dot’??? Mee has 2 of them…1 has a butterfly tip an one had a buggie tip an if mee wants just dot LadyMew can take THE tip off.
    If Daisy Mae not inn to toys what ’bout a nice cushy kitty matt?
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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      1. Daisy Mae doesn’t drink much water either. She loves her ice cubes especially in this hot weather. We’ve nixed the idea of water fountains because I priced them on amazon and they’re expensive.


  2. Grate answerss Miss Crystal an Daisy Mae!
    Mee iss THANX FULL that Ladymew bott mee a REEL whirlin feather on a stick toy an wee play efurry nite an shee bott mee mew (new) Salmon Greenie treetss an they are yummy!!!!!!
    Mee iss THANX FULL wee have fans here as it was like 105 deegreess yesterday an wee cuud not even go out…too hard to breethee! Today was *hot* butt now iss North breeze an mee iss THANX FULL fore it!
    An fore you beein our frendss too!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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      1. No Miss Crystal shee found treetss at THE Vet’ss close to us who let LadyMew buy food an suppliess there…..LadyMew not know how to shop online….
        Oh Feline Greeniess DOESS make Dental Chick-hen treetss…..LadyMew was goin to buy them fore mee butt knows mee likess all thingss fishy!!! Mew mew mew……

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    1. 105 degrees is to hot. Our weather has been crazy. We’ve had sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, more rain. It rained so hard and fast it flooded our basement 2 days in a row and also flooded the roads around us. One couple who had just bought a house well guess what? their basement flooded too. It’s thundering again now and could get more rain any time now. Glad you like your treats and feather thingy. Daisy likes her feather thingy too. Finally got credit that I can maybe buy her something. We’ll see if she’s a good girl. Ha Ha!!😹😹

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      1. It was ackshully just 89-90 deegreess out butt with humiditee it made it feel so much *hotter* Miss Crystal…..mee was furry restless an even a bit crankey! Today iss bettur! EEEKKKK!! You gotted flooded twice?? That iss turribell. Mee had a doggie frend inn Colorado an they had bad funderstormss this past week an hee had to wear his funder shirt….Wee need rain an have nun!
        Mee betss Daisy Mae lovess her feather toy too….sum timess wee catss play hard to get butt wee DO love that our Meowmyss’ take such guud care of us!!! 😉

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      2. More to come tonight too. Under Thunderstorm Watch. It was terrible. It was high the water was on both sides of the basement. Dad had put Daisy Mae’s litter box up so water didn’t reach it. Luckily we keep a second liter box in the powder room under the which is the one she uses the most. Any ideas what to get Daisy Mae?

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    1. Our 4th was eventful. It was nice to be with part of my family but when they left the house between 2-2:30 PM Eastern Time, it was pouring down rain. It poured down rain real fast and hard so much so our basement flooded, we had roads around us flooded and 20-30 minutes away where my sister and her family live all they got were thunder and sprinkles. So we were thankful when the rain stopped after yesterday morning. However we’re to get more. Loved your caturday art and Happy Birthday.


  3. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am glad you finally got the printer you wanted 🙂 And Daisy Mae, be careful in that tunnel. Happy 4th! XO

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