Eileen’s Critters And My First Sunday Selfie Well Sort Of

I have a special Eileen’s Critters And Sunday Selfie this week. On June 10, 2019 we got a picture of the our first Fawn of the 2019 season. Sorry if the picture is dark but Mamma Deer isn’t brave enough yet apparently to bring her baby out in daylight. I had to share this with you. 

After a drink I think Mamma Deer is going to show her baby the ropes on how to go about posing for Sunday Selfies. For the first time I think this little Fawn did pretty good. Honestly, I think the Fawn is more interested in getting a drink. Mamma Deer is multitasking. She’s eating and posing for her Sunday Selfie and for Eileen Critters.









Sabi Saturday With Angel Snowball

For Sabi Saturday I have decided to multiple old things since I got somehow so many old things in this picture. However, the main old thing I wanted  to do was one of my cats and her name was Snowball. She’s an Angel now. In the picture like I said there are are many old things. In the picture below you’ll see on my bed Angel Snowball. You’ll also see some other old things as well. You’ll see a stuffed cat which I appropriately named “SnowPuff” on the bed with Snowball also on the bed that’s old is a bedspread Pillow and stuffed teddy bear which I named “Teddy”. Also you’ll see some other old things like my cat box, pink curtains, the white shelves, yellow doll on the shelf, Santa container, books and picture album. Picture below.