Friendly Fill – Ins, Sabi Saturday, Caturday Art & Feline Friday

Today Daisy Mae and I are putting our blog hops together in one post.  We invite you to join us and everyone else in doing these blog hops. They are fun and an easy way to get traffic to your blog and meet new people. First up is Friendly Fill – Ins with 15 And and there co – host Four-Legged Furballs .

1.) A past event that I would like to see in person is Jesus performing all his miracles. I think it would be interesting. A couple other events I would like to see is what I would like to see and ranks right up there is I would like to see Jesus being born that night in Bethlehem and be there with his disciples to see him ascend into Heaven the first time.

2.) If I were a dog, my breed would be Alaskan Malamute(Female). This breed has a great disposition. I had one once as a kid and just loved her. I love all dogs though. Although Daisy Mae says she wouldn’t want to be a dog.

3.) If I came with a warning label, it would say the following: Loud but caring and compassionate almost to a fault. Good listener. Loves most animals but despises Snakes. Also, doesn’t like rodents, insects, Spiders and etc… Daisy Mae says her warning label would say comes with a lot of cuteness, adorableness and hates to be picked up. Loves being loved.

4.) I would want to take a boat, my parents, my computer, computer charger and of course my cat Daisy Mae with me to a deserted island.

Sabi Saturday

I have something special and well sentimental at least to me and yes it’s old and could be an antique. You see when I was a kid well ?? years ago, my parents and my sisters and I found this bell. Well dad put it up and that was when he saw it, the bell had a name on it. However it was just not any name it had my name on it. Crystal. So from then on, I adopted the bell as my own. It is still standing near my back deck of the house. Below is a picture of it. It’s so old now you can barely see the name but it’s still there.


Caturday Art And Feline Friday

Today I’m doing something special for Caturday Art + I’m going to give you a bonus artwork. Since June is adoption month I’m going to give you some artwork I did yesterday to help some cats out. Below is my artwork.


Bonus Art

Collage - Tigger & Daisy Mae

This artwork was made on .


This artwork was made specially for Raena’s Birthday Pawty over at Deziz  World.





10 thoughts on “Friendly Fill – Ins, Sabi Saturday, Caturday Art & Feline Friday

  1. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Your answer to #1 is so profound and inspiring, and I completely agree. That would be such a sight to behold. And, of course, Daisy Mae is downright adorable!

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  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Excellent choice for #1. And Daisy Mae, you are adorable no label needed . That is a great bell, very special. Have a nice weekend. XO

    Liked by 1 person

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