Pet Parade

My Pet Parade is literally of different kinds of pets. I have put all the pets in a framed collage below.

Pet Collage 1

From left to right in the top row is: Daisy Mae playing with her new toy, Next up is Angel Tigger on my bed with with a stuffed white cat and stuffed white polar bear, Next up is Daisy Mae all curled up on her throne by a cat pillow that looks very much like Angel Tigger(pillow was given to us by my sister after Tigger died), Now we end the top row with a Swan. The Swan was at a place where my sister and brother-in-law went for a weekend getaway. 

The middle picture in the collage is of my niece Alyssa who is holding their cat Rascal, The black dog which is a Great Dane/Chocolate Lab Mix is named Rolex and the other dog on the couch is named Josie. I think Josie is an Australian Shepard and something else. I’m sure it’s listed on her papers. Isn’t that a couch full?

In the third and final row from Left to Right is: Josie and Rolex, Next up is my other sister’s dog which is a Bichon Frise named Maxi, Next up is Josie and finally up is Rolex. Enjoy the Pet Parade.




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