Ireland Pictures

As I told you previously about my niece going for her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. Not only that but she has POTS DISEASE and other  health issues. What is POTS Disease I’m sure asking yourselves? POTS Disease is: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome which means it is a condition in which a change from lying to standing causes abnormally large increase in heart rate. To Find out more about POTS Disease you can go to this search link and it is: POTS Disease (search links) .

Don’t think for an instant the University paid for this trip or any other trips the students had to take. OH no, the students paid for this trip and it wasn’t even part of their tuition. They had to pay for it separately. These are just some of the pictures we got. In the one picture the young woman is my niece.