Sabi Saturday

The picture of the Eagle below is very old. This ought to tell you how old it is because I was still a kid when they got it. They always wanted a wood carving like when they found this Eagle they got it. We still have it. I just love it.



13 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday

    1. There’s an eagle cam in my area about 30 – 40 or so miles from me. Baby eaglets are adorable. One year due to a storm the tree where the Eagles and Eaglets were fell to the ground. The Eagles found another tree to nest in.

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      1. This year at Decorah nest & Decorah North nest (Iowa) the Eaglets were driven from nests by buffalo gnats & blackflies. D32 & D33 were captured safely & are at SOAR rehab center for Raptors. D32 broke bone above ankle & will be having surgery. D33 has no injuries thankfully. Both were dehydrated tho’. Eaglet DN9 bailed out of his nest too! He was found 2-3 days later sitting in a Creek. He is a total mess but is @ SOAR also & getting excellent care.
        I also follow Elk River & Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine Falcon cams. They are in Minnesota….it has been a rough year for the GSB nest: 1 chick attacked & killed by HUGE Owl & 2nd chick fell off nesting box perch 200 feet down! He is safe in a tree & his Mom & Dad are bringing food. Watching all of them is wonderful & scary & sad & then there are the good things that happen……

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