Nashville Photo Gallery

My one niece who is going for her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy at Slippery Rock University here in Pennsylvania. She’s been studying and doing  what the university calls Clinicals. What are Clinicals?  It’s similar to an internship. It’s hands on learning and a way to get better. The students have to do so many weeks out of state in Clinicals and so many weeks in state. One of the places out of state she chose was a place in Nashville. The places in the state of Pennsylvania she chose was close to her home luckily. She chose a place in Cranberry, PA and also at the VA in Butler, PA. She gets her Doctor coat this year and will graduate in May of 2020. I may be partial but I am a very proud Aunt. 

While down in Nashville she sent us a bunch of pictures. So I thought I’d share  some with you. ENJOY. She liked Nashville so much she wouldn’t mind going back.





6 thoughts on “Nashville Photo Gallery

  1. Thank Emily for the photos….what a lovely tour of Nashville! Do you know I met Johnny & June Carter Cash in 1980?? For real! I was speechless when I shook Johnny’s hand…I sort of squeaked when he spoke to me…..I had NO trouble chatting with June about our love of long hair & make-up. Johnny leaned over & asked me a question & I replied with a ‘squeak’…I was mortified…I remember him smiling warmly & saying “Cat got your tongue little Lady?” & all I could do was nod in agreement. It is one of my fondest memories….I felt like I met G-D that day…..seriously!!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. WOW!! Meeting June & Johnny Cash. That would be something. Emily went for her clinicals for school. She loved Nashville so much she said she wouldn’t mind living there. At least if she moved there after graduation she would have a job. Where she worked her supervisor loved her as did her patients.

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      1. I really felt like I met G-D when I met Johnny Cash!! It was a total ‘experience’…like no other…
        And I am so happy Emily is doing so well….& Nashville would gain a lovely young woman if she moves there! 😉

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    1. OH she is. Her name is Emily. This was one of the few trips she had to do for a Doctorate Degree. What’s more she has POTS Disease and other health issues so it hasn’t been an easy time for her.


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