Introducing Dylan (Selfies)

I would like to Introduce one of our yearlings to you. Her name is Dylan. I know Dylan is a boys name but we named her this because she eats a lot and as much as my 16 year old nephew who also is named Dylan. Yes my nephew eats a lot too.

You’ll remember way back in late 2018 or early 2019, I asked you all if you knew what kind of animal came to our campsite. One nice person told me it was probably a deer who was a few days or few weeks old. Then she told me she hoped she made it through the winter. I’m happy to say she did. However, she’s not doing good. Have you ever heard of Mange or Wasting Disease? Then you know it usually doesn’t end well for the animal who has it. I’m sorry to say, I suspect she has one of these two diseases. The first picture I have of Dylan is Below as well as others.

Dylan At A Very Young Age Around Oct. 29, 2018 (give or take a day either way).

Dylan Trying To Find Food In January 2019.

Dylan Eating In March (She Looks Good Now But Wait).

Dylan Starting To Show Signs In Her Fur In March 2019.

Dylan Looking Pretty Scruffy Around March 2019.

Dylan’s Backside Starting To Look Bad Around April 2019.

Dylan Starting To Look Worse Around April 29, 2019. 


Dylan Getting Some Comfort From A Mama Deer (not necessarily his Mama).

This Is What Dylan Looks Like On May 2019.

Now you’ve seen what can happen to a Deer or other animal if they contract Wasting Disease or Mange. This poor girl was very fortunate and made it through the Winter. Since she was probably a late deer being born and may have even lost her Mama for all we know. 

All I know is some of her sores look to have healed. Anyhow, she knows where to get her food and knows how to survive.



15 thoughts on “Introducing Dylan (Selfies)

  1. Oh yeah Icy/Hot is pretty stinky!!! I found it didn’t really last long enough. Every person is different tho’.
    WE have a Pharmacy here called Rexall & they make their own version on Myoflex no odor rub & it works very well in daytime. Then I use their Warming Rub @ night & it has an odor but it is a nice smell…very menthol & aromatic & it REALLY works.
    I take Tylenol Gelcaps 500 mgs. 3 times a day…I am allergic to Aspirin & Ibuprofen so Acetminaphen is all I can take other than pure Codeine…. I have learned how to balance things most days……*sighs*……

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      1. I take Extra strength Tylenol Gelcaps 3 times a day…have done since 1989. They handle day to day mild pain & aching. When the flare-ups happen it is Codeine Phosphate 30 mgs. 1-2 times a day til the flare-up subsides….For some reason Icy Hot doesn’t work on me. I am waiting for Lidocaine Ointment & Patches to come to Canada….then I will have a real way to control the pain!

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  2. I wonder if Games Commission would help Dylan…
    Agway & Tractor Supply stores might have proper feed.
    TSC is short for Tractor Supply Company….I think your Tractor supply store is like ours here.
    There is deer food sold called Big & J Deer Food…it is balanced for winter….could not hurt as Dylan needs extra protein etc.
    I do not remember the name of feed with antibiotics in it…I suggest you call your Tractor Supply store & ask someone there…..
    And no need to apologize for not being in touch. I’ve been in bed a lot too with the Hyperostosis flare-up & getting so many tests done the past few weeks. I DID count your comment & a few new ones…so will donate $60. to Cleo’s Rescue! Thank you for stopping by. I sure hope your back settles down so you can get back into a normal pain-free routine!
    Gentle {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

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      1. Me too! When I went into that HUGE flare-up 3 weeks ago I woke up in agony! I went to sit up & my Sacro-Illiatic Joints were locked? stuck? & I couldn’t sit…it took 1/2 hour for me to finally sit up. I ended up taking Flexeril (Muscle Relaxant) once daily & Codeine 30 mgs before bed. The flare-up has clamed down but I still am using Heat Rub & Myoflex like crazy! I wish you knew what you did too 😦

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  3. That disease is not good at all. I do hope it does not transmit to the rest of the heard either. If she is blessed, it might just be a passing thing, and a good summer will see her well again.
    Lots of purrs to her and all around

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  4. Mew mew mew iss lovelee to meet Dylan all tho wee sad shee iss sick…do you have Wildlife people there you cuud call? Or a Deer Rescue group? LadyMew saysa there iss speshell food with
    Aunty-biotickss that cuud bee put down fore Dylan an wuud help her get all better….
    Oh an she asked do you have a TSC store inn yore area? They have food fore wild critterss at our store here…..
    Mee sendss POTP to Dylan an LadyMew sendss purrayerss!
    An wee send our ❤ love ❤ to you Daisy Mae an Miss Crystal.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. We have what we call the Game Commission. Not sure what a TSC store is but we have an Agway that sells animal feed and a Rural king that sells some animal feed. Also have a Tractor Supply Store too. My youngest sister has dogs, a cat, ducks, chicks and bunnies so she knows the other stores better. Do you know the names of the feed with antibiotics in it? Sorry we’ve been strangers but with my back bothering me I haven’t been answering or commenting. I did comment on your blog today.

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