Sabi Saturday

The picture below is of an actual Bear my uncle shot many, many years ago. This is the Bear head. It was passed down to my Dad after my uncle died. He was into hunting. There is nothing fake about this Bear. I can’t tell you how old this bear is because I don’t know. But trust me, he’s old. Also, you see below the Bear head is part of an old clock. Like the Bear Head I have no idea how old the clock is either.



13 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday

  1. The magnificence of nature and that dear bear is not dimmed by time. Thank goodness we live in more enlightened times, well generally. I wonder if, and it might be quite fun, you can date the clock face from online research?

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  2. Wow, these days they would not get away with shooting a pair and displaying the head. People seem much more animal welfare conscious now – right?

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