A Special Caturday Art

Hi everyone and a big welcome to you. Also a Very Happy Easter to you too. I wanted to do something very special for Easter so I decided to write a poem and create a puzzle for you to do. I hope you like it.


Jesus came to earth knowing what 

His Father’s will was for Him 

To do but He came to  

Earth anyway. For many Years He

Taught about his Father and the

 Only way to get to Heaven 

Is through Him. While on His 

 Journey and mission He taught many  

 People but even though they heard   

Him teach the Truth, some of

Those people tested and tried Him

 But He always prevailed and we

 See that in the miracles He

Performed. When Palm Sunday came 

And the people layed palm branches

on the road and was all for

Following Him until Pilate gave the

 People a choice to crucify Him or

Let Him live. The people chose

Crucify Him. He knew this was

His mission to accomplish all along

And He still remained Silent. Why

Did He remain silent? He remained

Silent because He knew His mission

Was to save us from our sins

And to do that He had to die

On the cross and on that third

Day, He arose from the dead and

ascended into heaven and sitteth on

The Right hand of His Father

And reigns With His Father in

Heaven. So why Did Jesus come

To earth? To die For our sins.

So when you’re teaching your kids

And grandkids about Easter,

Remember it’s OK to

Incorporate the Easter Bunny

Just be sure you teach them

The real reason for Easter.

Praise God He Is Risen Indeed!!

Here is a puzzle for you to do. It’s of the above photo. Below is the link/code for the puzzle. Have Fun.

Puzzle code is: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=141bf3bc9572

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