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Double Trouble Sunday Selfie

We are joining The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfies today and we hope to you join us. Sunday Selfies is a weekly blog hop and helps get you more traffic on your blog(s). See you there.




Caturday Art

Hello and Welcome Everyone, this week my Caturday Art is of Daisy Mae zooming in and out. Also known as Recursive GIF Effect. The Original Picture then the picture in Recursive are below.


The above picture is the original picture.

The above picture is called Recursive GIF Effect from Bloggif .





Friendly Fill – Ins

I will be doing Questions 1 and 2 and Daisy Mae will be doing questions 3 and 4. My answers will be in the color Purple, in Bold Print and in Italics and Daisy Mae’s answers will be in the color Navy Blue, Bold print and in Italics. All questions are in the color Black.

1.) I got my first cell phone in well never. I don’t own a cell phone. Crazy I know.

2.) I wish the word – word: there is more than one word that could be removed from the English Language.


3.) I never outgrow sleeping and sleeping my furrever family’s laps.

4.) Not playing as much make(s) me feel old.



How To Get Rid Of Fleas/Ticks On A Cat Or Kitten


Here is an article I wrote on how to get rid of Fleas/Ticks on a cat or kitten and my experience with a kitten who I named Cutie Pie. Below is the link to the original link to the article. I hope you read it. 

Source: How To Get Rid Of Fleas/Ticks On A Cat Or Kitten






A Special Caturday Art

Hi everyone and a big welcome to you. Also a Very Happy Easter to you too. I wanted to do something very special for Easter so I decided to write a poem and create a puzzle for you to do. I hope you like it.


Jesus came to earth knowing what 

His Father’s will was for Him 

To do but He came to  

Earth anyway. For many Years He

Taught about his Father and the

 Only way to get to Heaven 

Is through Him. While on His 

 Journey and mission He taught many  

 People but even though they heard   

Him teach the Truth, some of

Those people tested and tried Him

 But He always prevailed and we

 See that in the miracles He

Performed. When Palm Sunday came 

And the people layed palm branches

on the road and was all for

Following Him until Pilate gave the

 People a choice to crucify Him or

Let Him live. The people chose

Crucify Him. He knew this was

His mission to accomplish all along

And He still remained Silent. Why

Did He remain silent? He remained

Silent because He knew His mission

Was to save us from our sins

And to do that He had to die

On the cross and on that third

Day, He arose from the dead and

ascended into heaven and sitteth on

The Right hand of His Father

And reigns With His Father in

Heaven. So why Did Jesus come

To earth? To die For our sins.

So when you’re teaching your kids

And grandkids about Easter,

Remember it’s OK to

Incorporate the Easter Bunny

Just be sure you teach them

The real reason for Easter.

Praise God He Is Risen Indeed!!

Here is a puzzle for you to do. It’s of the above photo. Below is the link/code for the puzzle. Have Fun.

Puzzle code is: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=141bf3bc9572

If you want to talk for any reason please use contact form. If you want help being saved please use contact form. I’m here if any of you want to talk.










Hi everyone, my name is Scrappy Doo and I’m a Maine Coon Mix. I’m also a Male and Medium Size. I need a furrever hope and would really, really, like it if you could adopt me. I’m in a No-Kill shelter but want to find a furrever real soon PLEASE HELP ME. !!  To find out more about adopting Scrappy Doo you can do so by going to SCRAPPY DOO  .

I am trying to help get SCRAPPY DOO adopted. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. 


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A Recipe For Success


I wanted to do a Thankful Thursday Post dealing with none other than the obvious, what am I thankful for? You see telling you all every week I am thankful for well… everything both good and bad because it’s part of my journey to my final destination. Some of you may be already at your destination me not so much but I’m getting there. So I thought what could I do to show my thankfulness and then it hit me, why don’t you write a poem and I consider my poem true but yet fun. I hope you Enjoy. Thanks for Reading.


POEM WRITTEN: 4-18-2019


You take a large leap of faith

 A pinch of energy

A pinch of motivation

A lot of love and hard work

And of course a cat.

If you follow this recipe for success, you may be well on your way to success on whatever you want to do.


Pet Parade And Wordless Wednesday

I’m going to cheat a little this week. My Pet Parade and Wordless Wednesday is from one picture. Below is our Pet Parade and Wordless Wednesday.

Were joining Pet Parade, Wordless Wednesday and CatBlogospere.










Jamaican Guinness Punch Recipe

I wanted to have some fun with my recipe so when I found this recipe for Jamaican Guinness Punch Recipe I knew I had to do it. If you want to print this recipe you can do so by clicking on the above link then that will take you to original site where you can print recipe. Recipe, Ingredients  and Instructions are below. ENJOY!! 




1 bottle of Guinness Stout

1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cinnamon

1 vanilla supligen


1. Place the Guinness Stout, vanilla supplies and condensed milk in a jug.

2. Mix the ingredients together.

3. Add Cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Stir lightly.

5. Place in the refrigerator to chill.

6. Serve Cold.


First-time pet parents take Biden kitten for hernia surgery

When you don’t know what you’re doing – parenting cats through surgery isn’t straightforward. Read the trials and tribulations of these first – pet parents as they get Bidey bear through his health issues…

Hi there! Well, first of all, I’d like to thank Crystal for giving me the opportunity to write on her cool blog. I’m Olivia and I run a new cat blog MissPetPaws.

So, well this blog is all about Biden and his hernia surgery. Biden is my eleven-month-old kitten that we rescued here in Bulgaria. He’s named after Joe Biden (VP 47). Regardless, of political affiliation, I think we can all agree that Joe Biden is affectionate. As is my Biden kitten. They are both grey. And handsome. So we’ll leave it at that. Politics and cat blogs are a No No!

When we first rescued Biden he was a three-month-old runt of the litter and had managed to hurt his eye. When we took him to the vet I was shocked as they pulled a 2-inch twig out of his eye socket. He recovered just fine!

He also had an umbilical hernia but it wasn’t something urgent we were told. We also have a cat called Kinsey who is a little older at around a year and five months. After a nervous introduction, Kinsey just adored her little brother.

She insisted on licking him from head to toe, regardless of whether he was asleep or had been licked from head-to-toe, already ten times.

But as is the case with many things in life, things changed. Biden grew older and obviously tried to mate Kinsey. That she wasn’t too bothered with while she was on heat. They were still best of friends. 


What she took serious offense to was when Biden began spraying around 2 months ago. The vet explained what they are saying is, “This is my territory,” when they spray. Kinsey, on the other hand, was clearly of the opinion this place is her territory. And she graciously allows him to live here because she’s besotted with him. As soon as he started marking territory she was livid with him. 24/7.

Now, even the vet said Kinsey is wild. And I’ll second that.

So it was a real shame to watch a beautiful relationship turn into one that was so bad, they needed separating. Biden also took to caterwauling incessantly. So, it was definitely time to have Biden neutered and his hernia operated on, also.

Except nothing is quite so simple when you are first-time cat parents. Now, I’ve had dogs all my life, and I was of the opinion the same rules apply.

But they don’t. Do they?

Now, I am not saying dogs enjoy the vets. Especially after a bad experience. But however much your dog does not want to go to the vet, you’ll drag him into the car, all 100 pounds of him, if need be.

But jeez, you’ll get your dog to the vet. Somehow. It won’t savage you.


Try getting a cat that’s less than 10 pounds to the vet, if it really doesn’t want to. And you can think again! It has twenty razor-sharp barbs attached to powerful muscles making the cat virtually the best hunter on the planet.

And if she doesn’t want to go to the vet – she’s not going.

So the first mistake I made was the carrier. I try to look after as many stray cats as I can and as such, I had placed the carrier in the small yard we have. That way, a cold cat could crawl in and get a little respite from the freezing weather.

What I didn’t do was clean this carrier completely before I tried getting Biden into it. A number of male cats had sprayed around it and poor Biden became freaked out with the carrier. Understandably.

He went absolutely crazy and it was impossible to get him into the carrier without him almost ripping his claws into us. So then we got a new carrier and he jumped in just fine. So we headed to the vet expecting to be able to leave him there for his operation. Hmm…

Trip 1

Off to the vet, we went. Biden had some tests to check out his blood before the operation but he had a virus of some kind. He needed antibiotics before his operation.

Trip 2

Ten days later, he refused to get in his carrier and from this point on it was a case of having to sedate him. The first time he ate a bit of sedated food and we managed to get him to the vet. But his blood work showed his clotting still wasn’t great. So more antibiotics.

Trip 3

The next time, he knew what the sedative tasted like so when I put the sedative in the food he wouldn’t eat it. Consequently, I turned up at the vets empty-handed in need of another sedative.

Next, we managed to trick him by squeezing the sedative into his mouth as he played with the syringe. But he still needed another week for his blood work to improve a little more.

Trip 4

By now he knew that the sedative was in the syringe. So he wouldn’t play with it. So now it was a case of playing with him and getting his mouth open and suddenly squeezing it in. That worked. So off to the vet, he went again. This time his bloodwork still could have been better. But the senior vet said it was okay and they could deal with any difficulties.

So finally he had the operation.

He came around from his operation and proceeded to rip off his collar. Then he went for his stitches. So we had to tie his collar on tighter. He was a very angry and frustrated kitten for a while. But he got used to it in the end and recovered well. He stopped spraying completely.

Trip 5

But then after a week,  he refused to accept that he’d had surgery and insisted on leaping, hurling, and jumping. We went back to the vet to get another sedative as we were worried about him. Except this time was the most difficult ye,t attempting to get a sedative in his mouth with a collar. Once again it was the element of surprise that was key to administering the sedative this time. We were worried about nothing and his hernia is supposed to feel lumpy still.

Trip 6

Then when it was time to have his stitches out. We missed with the sedative. It landed on me, not in Biden’s mouth. So it was another trip to the vet without a cat in need of a sedative.

This time we picked up two sedatives in case we missed again. The last time it was once again, surprise and some force, the key mission tactics. My partner had been giving him the sedative so Biden was not expecting a syringe forced in his mouth quickly by me. He sank a claw into my one of my fingers and I took the pain as I held him to make sure the sedative went in. 


And then we were done. Nearly 2 months and 10 sedatives later. One happy, healthy, hernia-free, neutered kitten full of fun and love.

And a few hours hours after the sedative wore off he decided that carriers were his new favorite place. We can’t get him out of either of the two carriers. As soon as his phobia appeared it disappeared. That’s cats for you!

So What have we learned?

Well, for a start even the vet acknowledged that it’s pretty much impossible to get cats to stop jumping about after surgery. Your cat might have hernia surgery at any age. But it’s also quite likely you’ll have surgery performed on a kitten with it being an umbilical hernia or a birth defect. So kittens do jump around. Try not to worry.

Biden tore his collar off Houdini-style overnight about ten days after surgery. He didn’t lick his wound at all though. So it may be worth giving it a shot without the collar and see how your cat gets on. 

Apparently, castration doesn’t solve behavioral problems in all cats. But the success rate is around 90%. And it’s worked with Biden. Kinsey is no longer hostile and aggressive with him. Their play gets frantic at times as they haven’t worked out who is boss. But the change has been quick and remarkable. They are able to eat from the same plate and they are even cleaning each other now. So looks like the love is returning.


But ultimately we’ve learned that it’s so important to be able to get your cat in a carrier. I can’t stress that enough. Biden has overcome his phobia instantaneously which is unusual. But, I realize what a ridiculous situation we were in. You simply can’t own a cat and not be able to get it in a carrier. Imagine the awful but quite possible scenario in the course of a cat’s lifetime that she is injured or is taken ill quickly. And you can’t get your beloved cat in a carrier to get it help she desperately needs.

Not least that we hope to travel soon and it will mean we take connecting flights. With it being a long journey we’ll let the cats out in a hotel room. But what if you can’t reliably get your cat back in? And you are trying to take sedatives in syringes in your hand luggage? And it’s hit and miss and stress inter-connecting flights?

So I checked out some of the best tricks and tips to get your cat in a carrier.

Of course, top of my list in an emergency was cat-expert Jackson Gallery. He has a number of  tips to help out.

zipcarrier (1)

He suggests turning half of the box into a cozy den first and then building the rest of the carrier around your cat as she gets comfortable.

So if your cat currently won’t get in a carrier, please do take the time to get her accustomed so you don’t go through what we have!

If you’d like to drop by  MissPetPaws just follow the link. Thanks for reading.

Update on Blogger Friends

Tech Gurus. They make things sooooooooooooo tough. Therefore because of people like Sandee who is from Comedy Plus mentioned on how about just getting profile. As it turns out, those who had Google+ their profiles were turned into Blogger profiles. Yeah. So guess what? That’s right. I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! I’ll be commenting on Blogger blogs as Crystal And Daisy Mae.





To those bloggers who use Blogger, I’m very sorry if you think I dropped you for some reason. Actually the truth is that I’m still following you and even reading your posts. The reason I can’t  comment is because Google+ is well… no more and I’m not signing up for something else. I’m still reading and following you. I may try doing it from notifications. If you have any ideas on how I can comment easily please let me know. Some of you I know have been accommodating and changed your settings to include Name/URL. For those who have done that thank you. To the others well… I get why you don’t want anonymous people but Name/URL isn’t anonymous. 




Turkey Werkey Takes Things Into His Own Paws/Puzzle



Here is a puzzle I think you’ll have fun doing. The link for the puzzle is: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=3c464ddf6440&view=iframe and if this link doesn’t work for you try going to https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=3c464ddf6440 .




Penney Line Dancing





What’s Penney Saying??





Penney Gets Ready To Learn Line Dancing





Blueberry Muffin Shares Her Bed With Turkey Werkey





Did Bueberry Muffin Find A Clue??