Sabi Saturday

I know it’s Sunday but since I have all week I’m technically not late. I thought and thought what could I do for Sabi Saturday? I ran an idea past Cactus Catz and they liked my idea. This week, I thought I would do something I know is a classic. MY BABY BOOK. Below are the photos.





14 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday

  1. LOL I used to use that sort of camera too Crystal. I finally bought a proper camera when I joined WordPress so I could take better pix. A lot of my furbabies photos are actual photos so I try to take pictures of them to use for blogging. I am not techie enough to scan photos & do all the fancy stuff. And I figure if I ever stop blogging I have actual pix in albums. I am up-to-date on P SH’s photos in my album & am working on BellaDharma’s now!

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    1. That’s sweet. I got a proposal you may or may not like. I’ll write a poem for your BellaDharma. Just give me some info about her. You know the basics. Her age when you got her?, When was she born? Hair Color? Eye Color? Nose Color? Feet color? Any special markings? Graduations? What She likes to do? Her hobbies? Groups she’s In? Her accomplishments? Let me know via email please. I started putting you and BellaDharma in Book 2 last night.

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      1. Oh wow Crystal this is so sweet…. Here are answers to your questions:
        BellaDharma was 6 years old when I adopted her last September. Her 7th BDay will be May 15th. She is a ‘black’ Oriental Shorthair with minty green eyes. Her nose & feet are also black…like a black jellybean. BellaDharma LOVES to chase the butterfly laser dot & rip her feather sticks apart. She LOVES Valerian Root in pouches; licks them an zooms around & then sleeps soundly. So far she is not in any groups. She is very shy. She has managed to calm her play aggression. Still working on her brushing aggression tho’. She had a rough past & is learning how to be a calmer kitty girl now. Let me know if you need any more info.
        Many thanks!!! Sherri-Ellen

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      1. Something to treasure that’s for sure. I have a lot of pictures of my 4 legged furrbabies too. However most of them aren’t digital. Cameras and me don’t mix so I used a disposabable camera for the longest time but 2 years ago went digital. In fact, I still have photos on my disposable camera not completely used still. MOL, LOL.

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