Bye-Bye Google+

Hi everyone and welcome, Daisy Mae and I are glad you are here. For those who haven’t heard by now Google+ is going away completely as of April 2, 2019.

We want you to know this because this is going to cause some troubles for us. No we aren’t going away. However, those of you who require G+/Blogger only when commenting well…that’s going to be a problem. Why you ask? It’s because we won’t be able to comment on your blog anymore. We’ll continue to follow you but we won’t be able to comment. However, those of you that allow Name/Blog URL well we’ll do our best to comment. We understand why some of you don’t allow anonymous people who comment. We understand it’s because of Spammers. 

We are sorry we won’t be able to comment as of April 2. We’ll be reading even if we can’t comment. I found this out not through an e-mail from Google+(which would’ve nice) but noooooooooooooooooo, I had to hear it from someone on Disqus. Glad he told me too.

We wrote this so all of you could be prepared and make any changes to your blog if you wish to do so. We’ll see you at your blog hopefully.

Best Wishes,



22 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Google+

    1. I archived everything now I have to get it downloaded. I just wanted to make everyone aware so they had time to change commenting structure for us Google+ people to URL/Name. I get why you don’t want Anonymous comments. Thanks. Would have continued to follow your site and read it. We like to see what you and the boys are reporting on.


    1. I hope so.. Daisy Mae And I are finding ways early to keep in touch just in case we can’t . Also, found today I could everything and download it in a compressed file to my computer. That’s in the process.


    1. I get you. I’ve heard 2 different stories and not sure which one is right. Story #1: Google+ is getting rid of everything and story #2: Google+ is getting rid of everything but profile/commenting credentials. Just found out I can save my photos and everything so that was what I did. I marked everything just to make sure I got everything. We’ll see what happens. You’re right the photos were very nice on that site.


  1. It should only affect those who only have google plus for commenting.Groups will be lost and sharing on google plus will be lost also any photos and videos and animations that have been edited by google plus or created by them for you will be lost so you will need to save them on to your pc and re-upload them to the google photos online later on,all your own photos will be safe.But don’t worry we allow all comments on blogger we just moderate them to delete spam,and of course we are on WP too,xx Speedy and Rachel

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      1. That is how Yahoo 360 was when I first started blogging. They became ‘Multiply’ & it was great & then 2012 they announced they were closing down. Gave us nothing…I lost 7 years worth of blogs & photos! Had to start all over on WP! I went there as 5 of my blogging friends from Yahoo 360 had gone there & really liked it. I LOVE WP!!!! Hope it stays here forever…..

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      2. I got a Google+ profile so I could comment on blogs that don’t allow Name/URL. Daisy Mae And I aren’t going anywhere. We’ll keep in touch somehow with you and LadyMew. I’m hearing they’re not getting rid of the Login/profile but I also heard they are getting rid of everything. Guess we’ll see.

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    1. OK thanks for that because I had heard Google+ was getting rid of everything. Guess we’ll April 2 won’t we. As for Disqus I didn’t use Google+ on that thank goodness.


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