An Uplifting Feeling

This is what I feel like doing to Daisy Mae daily. However, Daisy Mae is a “No Pick Me Up” cat. If you don’t know what that means let me tell you. It means your cat hates being picked up. Below is my dream.





6 thoughts on “An Uplifting Feeling

  1. Oh Crystal I too have a “No-pick-me-up-cat” in BellaDharma. It is so weird to not be able to snuggle like I used to do with Purrince Siddahrtha & Mingflower. Nylablue was a “No-pick-Up” cat also….
    Maybe one day Daisy Mae & BellaDharma will let us cuddle them…..we can hope right?
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

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