Front Cover


Author: Ellen J. Pilch

Published: September 12, 2018(Kindle Edition)

Publishing Company: Mirror Publishing


Who Can Read This Book: Everyone


Welcome Everyone to our site. We really appreciate those who have been reading and following us for a while now. We also want to welcome the new readers and followers and we appreciate you too. If it weren’t for you all we wouldn’t be where we are today. Now on to the book, when I read a book I usually can tell if I’m going to like the book or not and how I’m going to rate it half way through the first chapter. Sometimes it takes longer. For example, if I absolute don’t like it in the first chapter, I’ll give it  to chapter 3 or 4 usually and decide whether to go on reading the book or make it a DNF(Did Not Finish). Sometimes the book just doesn’t live up to hype even if it had a movie made out of it.


I follow this authors blog so I had an idea what to expect. Since her blog is so great and writing style very good, I set the bar quite high for this book PRANCIE’S PRAYER. I guess knowing what I did I expected a very good book and at least a 5 star rating if not higher. Well guess what? I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, It was better than I expected. I must say that doesn’t happen often with books with me.


Well what can I say. I liked everything about this book. The way the book was layed out from beginning to end, How the story was told, Most of all I liked it because there was no bad language. 


Noop. Can’t think of anything although maybe just a suggestion. This isn’t a complaint, I loved the book but thought it could have been longer. However, the way this story was told and layed out the length was perfect. I hope I get to read the print version some day.


I recommend everyone buy, read and review this book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I know I wasn’t. This book is made so kids can read it too. I give the book PRANCIE’S PRAYER 12 STARS.  OK, I know you can go up to 5 stars but really this book deserves 12 stars it’s that good.

Please buy this book. WHY? Because from October to December all the royalties are going to a charity called Boston’s Forgotten Feline’s. It’s a win-win situation you buy the book the charity gets the royalties and you get a Fantastic book by a fantastic author.


Ellen J. Pilch Goodreads Author Page

Where You Can Buy Ellen J. Pilch’s Book, PRANCIE’S PRAYER On Amazon


Ellen Pilch’s Blog

Ellen Pilch’s Twitter Page

Ellen Pilch’s Instagram Page

Ellen Pilch’s Amazon Author Page



10 thoughts on “Book review: PRANCIE’S PRAYER

  1. “I wish I had a lot more stars to rate this book because it deserves more than 5 stars.” I understand and accept this as a good way to express how satisfactory you found and liked the book. I also think that stars are not suffcicient to define a level for a book. They only provide a subjective tool to classify the books, so all the above stars will go to five star category.

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