Beginning Of A New Season

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Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

We’ve had two days of light snow and very cold weather. Between the snow and cold temperatures it has been very slippery on the roads and sidewalks. Even though I am not a huge fan of summer, it’s way too soon for this. It’s only the first week of November!

Anyway, since it can’t be stopped, during this change of season let’s not forget our pets.

beginning-of-winter-aafbtHow about your area? Any snowfall or cold temperatures?

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20 thoughts on “Beginning Of A New Season

    1. Snow makes the woods pretty. However to much snow can do damage. I live in a county where the whole county, surrounding counties, 9 power sub-stations, e-mail providers are out. The main problem is once people get restored with power trees fall and take the electric out again. They’re saying some might not have power until Wed. or later.


  1. Oh yeah Crystal an Daisy Mae it has bin snowin on an off fore 5 dayss now an Chilley an slickeree!
    LadyMew went out wearin runnin shoes an shee all most ended ups on her tushie MOL!
    Mee watched her from the window hopin shee wuud stay ups-right. Wee get snow in Novemburr here all most efurry year…..iss sorta ‘nrmal’ fore us….
    ***purrsss*** an warm thottss, BellaDharma

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  2. We are going to be in the low 30’s this week and that is a drastic change from the upper 80’s we had last week. I’m holding off on getting Pierre groomed. He’s sure he will freeze when he goes for a walk. LOL!

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    1. I know what you mean. The last 2 days we had light snow and high wind and bitter cold and today(Sunday, 11-11-2018) is sunny, high winds and bitter cold. Daisy Mae has already started curling up against the registers on Shirts or blankets we put down for her.

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