A Special Flower Friday Poem


Today we are having a special Flower Friday on Wednesday. What Madi’s Mom is asking is everyone who knew Madi to do something special to honor Madi. She really would like to see silly cartoons, some pictures and etc… I’m doing a little bit of everything. Hope you join us for this special Blog Hop.

Daisy Mae And I really didn’t know Madi bet yet we felt a special bond with her and her mom. Daisy Mae and I came on the blogging scene in January 2017 and April 2017. If some of you are confused, well let me explain. I started my first blog January 2017 and my second blog April 2017. Enough about me. Let’s get back to remembering 

You will notice in the picture below there are 2 pictures of cats and a cat waving farewell. The Angel cat in the upper right hand corner represents my cat Angel Tigger and the Angel cat in the bottom left hand corner represents Angel Madi. The cat in the bottom right hand corner waving farewell to Madi represents Madi’s mom. 



I also wrote a poem in honor of Madi.

Poem By: Crystal Stewart

Written: September 2018



You were a beautiful Domestic Medium Fur

 With a white chest on fact with grey everywhere. 

You also had a cute  pink nose with freckles.

You were a very lucky kitty cat when a 

Wonderful family came in to get a pet on

May 11, 2002 and they loved you so much that

They adopted you and took you to your

Furever home. You lived at your furever home for

16 1/2 years. In this time, you were 200% Diva all the 

Way, You loved Bird TV and Snoopervising your peeps.

You also loved all kinds of boxes and when you were

Younger, you were an excellent leaper then when you

 Became 15, you became a Crotchety Cougar. Your

Family loved everything about you and didn’t hate one 

Thing about you. That says a lot about you as a Diva Cat.

As your furever family enjoyed having you as their pet

And having you as part of the family, you always

Enjoyed each other’s company, compassion, kindness 

And love a cat owner has when they adopt a cat.

The time came every cat owner dreads and that is the

Day their cat goes over the Rainbow Bridge. Madi sadly


Went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 13, 2018 and

Was met by my Angel Tigger, other Cat Angels and 

Cardinals who came to welcome Madi home

 With open paws. The happy part about a cat

 Going to the Rainbow Bridge is that they are not

 Suffering anymore. The pain of losing Madi will

 Ease with time but the pain never goes completely 

Away but the memories you make with your cat will 

Always be there. So come Spring and Summer and you

See beautiful butterflies flying about, remember that 

When a butterfly shows up that is Madi checking that 

You are doing OK, When it rains in the Fall  

That’s Madi saying to you I’m here if you want to talk

And when it snows that’s Madi saying to you, you may 

Hate to shovel snow but the next time you do,

Remember I am as unique as the snowflake that falls 

To the ground in the Winter so don’t hate that snow

Because I come as snow in the Winter time. When cats

Leave us for the Rainbow Bridge, they leave pawprints 

On our hearts so they can build bridges so they can 

Bring all the memories back we cherish and so they

Can comfort us. So when you cry because you are 

Missing your beloved cat, don’t be ashamed to cry 

Because that is your beloved cat, Madi coming to you

through your tears. 

So when you go to get yourself a cat, please ADOPT 






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