Bookish First Website

What is Bookish First website? It’s a site you go to enter raffles and gain points by giving your opinion or review of first Look at the books.

What do I think of Bookish First? If you asked me that question a few days ago, I would have said I liked the site. Now after what I’ve experienced with them and what I know now about this site, I don’t like them at all. I went to my account and they said I didn’t exist nor did my points exist. You’re probably thinking what terrible thing did she do. They claim I abused the terms of the policy so they deleted my account.  Well guess what? I read that term of use policy and Privacy policy and it wasn’t clear that I wasn’t allowed to do share these book reviews. That’s right all I did was share book reviews. 

When this site said you can share your book reports. What they didn’t say was it had to be on a book on their site. I’m going back and forth with their people and told them if they wouldn’t give me my points back and account back to delete all my accounts. I also told them I was not happy at all.

Have you been to this site? What are your thoughts? Please if you have suggestions, please give them.


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