Courtney’s War: Book Review



The book COURTNEY’S WAR is a book full of questions. Keep in mind that the author showed the readers a preview which consisted of nine pages. Below is what I thought after seeing the Preview.

After seeing the preview for this book, I was left with more questions than answers. Some of the questions you might ask are? Does Courtney fall in love with guy? Do they stay together? Who wins the War? What is the plot like? 

Would I recommend this book? Actually it is hard to say until I read the book in its entirety. Who would I recommend this book to? Once again I am unable to answer that until I read the book in its entirety.

I will say this and that is the author has peaked my interest to read the book and I’m intrigued as well that I want to read the whole book.

Rating I gave this book was 📘📘📘📘 ( translation: 4 books = 4 stars)


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