POEM BY: Crystal Stewart

Written in 2018

17 years ago today was a very, very sad day 

Because a terrible thing called a terrorist

attack happened. Two planes flew into the

Twin Towers and that killed a lot of people.

The people who did this also tried to fly

A plane into the Pentagon but because the

People on the plane had a mission in mind

And they knew they had two chances

Slim and none so they gave it their best shot

And thanks to those people on the plane, 

              Who willingly gave their lives to save the people

At the Pentagon from certain death

By crashing the plane in a field.

Those people may not of realized then but

They are heroes in more ways than one.

We are very thankful for these people who

Turned into heroes and we are very glad they

“Let it roll” and decided to play the role of hero.

So when something terrible is about to happen

And you need to make a decision of what to do

Remember the situation these people were in and

The decision they made and how it helped them.

After remembering what they did might make

Your decision a little bit easier.



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