Angel Tigger



Poem By: Crystal Stewart

Written In: 2018



A Crotchety Cougar you weren’t but

You were old enough to be a Cougar

So even though you weren’t a

Crotchety Cougar, You were Crystal’s Cougar

And I will always think of you

As Crystal’s Cougar or just

Crystal’s Tigger Kitty.

Tigger, it was a very sad day

When you went over the Rainbow Bridge.

We rescued from an environment

You should never have been in.

When we got you, you were scared

Of us and hid in my bedroom closet. 

You eventually bonded with my Mother and

I but Dad was another story.

Through your time with us you

Stayed under our feet most of the time,

You snuggled on our laps, You liked napping

On laps and you liked to play pole.

Tigger, I have so many memories of you

Including the memories of you and

Sister Queen Daisy. I am so glad

You made up with Dad before

You passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Tigger, you were very much part

Of our family and we will

Always miss you.

Tigger, we loved you so much

That you left pawprints on our hearts.

Tigger, you have become an Angel and 

You are able to walk again and

You aren’t miserable or suffering any pain.

My sweet Tigger Kitty is now an angel and

You will always be missed.

That sweet adorable kitty that you

Hissed at sometimes, she misses you too.

Sadly missed by

Queen Daisy Mae And

Queen MOM Deputy Sister Crystal




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