Excerpt: Rise of The Superheroes

Laughter The Best Medicine

The world need laughter and humor in this world  and comics about the Rise of Super Heroes brings that. This helps cheer whether you need it or not. 

When they say that laughter is the best medicine they are not kidding. It is  something we are in dire need of with all the evil in this world.

Our people who have Mental disease or are just plain depressed should start reading and looking at comics and they might find it will help them.

Am I a doctor? No but I do know it helps. If you smile smile at someone when they are down or mad they will most likely wonder what you are up to not to mention that you get more wrinkles when you frown than when you smile. Also it doesn’t put as much pressure on your jaw. From reading the excerpt, I would recommend this comic book.

A Conversation Between Queen Daisy Mae And Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal


Hi everyone, today is a very sad day for Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal because it’s been 3 years since Queen Tigger went over the Rainbow Bridge. We both miss her but Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal seems to be really taking it hard even though it’s been 3 years. Since she having a rough few weeks, I told her to take the day off and take it easy. In fact, I told her I would take over until she’s ready to come back to blogging. We had a conversation that we would like to share with you. I ask you kindly to please take it easy Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal she’s missing Queen Tigger a lot especially today. Our Conversation is below. 





Queen Daisy Mae: OK,OK. I’ll say it. Queeen MOOM Deputy Sister Crystal where are you and Why aren’t you answering?


Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Queen Daisy Mae, What do you want? As for Why? Well I wasn’t able to answer you because…. As for Why? Well I wasn’t able to answer you because….(cut off by Queen Daisy Mae).

Queen Daisy Mae: Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal(boy that’s a mouthful to say), do you remember what today is? 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Daisy Mae you better be careful with what you say my favorite Tuxedo Kitty Cat. 

Queen Daisy Mae: Well Do You? Well Do You?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal:  Yes Queen Daisy Mae I remember what Today is. How could I forget. (tears falling down out of her eyes almost onto her face).

Queen Daisy Mae: Well Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal if you remember what Today is, what is Today?

Queen Daisy Mae: Nothing. Well? Nothing Again. Well, What is today?? Nothing but silence. OK, Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Nothing but silence. Why aren’t you answering me? Why aren’t you answering me? (Queen Daisy Mae becoming really, really impatient with Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal). No answer again. Please answer me because I don’t like seeing you cry and so upset. You also make me nervous when You don’t answer me. Kind of like when I’m sleeping somewhere and you can’t find me. I know you get nervous when you can’t find me.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Now back to what we were talking about. What is so special about today? Queen Daisy Mae don’t you remember? Remember? Remember What? 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Daisy Mae, You should be ashamed of yourself asking REMEMBER WHAT? (Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal practically raising her voice).

 Daisy Mae: Hey Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal I noticed that you dropped my Queen from my name. WWhhyy? WWhhyy?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: It’s like this Daisy Mae, You will refer to me as your highness and the Queen will remain dropped from your name until you can tell me what special day is today. 

Daisy Mae: Well I guess I better tell you then. I sure don’t want on your bad side and I want my Queen title back. Let’s see. It’s not my birthday—that’s tomorrow, Not your nephew’s birthday because that’s tomorrow, It’s not your blogging anniversaries because they fall in January and April, Not your birthday because that’s a few months away. Could the answer be….(Cut off by Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal).

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Well Daisy Mae do you remember yet what special day is today? Well Do Yah? Well Do Yah?

Queen Daisy Mae: Huh, humans. Of Course I remember Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal. I just wanted to see if you remember. Well Do Yah? Well Do Yah? Well Do Yah? Well Do Yah?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Huh Cats. OK Queen Daisy Mae, Today is a very, very, very sad day for both of us because today marks the 3rd anniversary that Queen Tigger went over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Queen Daisy Mae: And… And…

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Another sad thing that is today is the anniversary of when a terrorist attack happened at the Twin Towers and killed several thousand people and injured several thousand people. The exact numbers are 2,996 people killed, over 6,000 people injured, additional people died of 9/11 – related cancer and respiratory diseases in the months and years following the attacks. 

Queen Daisy Mae: Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal? 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Yes Yes Queen Daisy what is it now?

Queen Daisy Mae: As we talk about what happened, I notice everything we mentioned is sad. Don’t we have anything happy to talk about? 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Queen Daisy Mae you really are a smart cat.

Queen Daisy Mae: Of Course I’m A Smart Cat. 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Glad you asked Queen Daisy Mae because there is something to be happy about today. 

Queen Daisy Mae: There is?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Yes Queen Daisy Mae there is. I’m sure you noticed I gave your title of Queen back to you and You see your Grandma’s birthday would have been today.

Queen Daisy Mae: THANK YOU YOUR HIGHNESS QUEEN MOM DEPUTY SISTER CRYSTAL. Grandma? Grandma? Today would’ve been Grandma’s birthday?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Yes that’s right Queen Daisy Mae.

Queen Daisy Mae: Since today would’ve been Grandma’s birthday doesn’t that mean she’s not with us anymore? So isn’t that sad?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Yes and No Queen Daisy Mae. You see it’s bittersweet. It’s sad because she’s not with us anymore but happy because it’s her birthday and we remember what a wonderful lady she was and we have the memories to remember her by.  


Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Queen Daisy Mae? Queen Daisy Mae?

Queen Daisy Mae: Yes Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: I don’t expect you would remember Grandma. She died before you came along Queen Daisy Mae. Now let’s discuss what kind of cat you’ve become.

Queen Daisy Mae: Do we have to Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal? Do we really have to?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: First Queen Daisy Mae my name is not Willie and I don’t care if Willie wants to or not.(private joke) Yes Queen Daisy Mae we have to and I’m really surprised you don’t want to talk about yourself or toot your own horn. Why Queen Daisy Mae, OH WHY? 

Queen Daisy Mae: Because of Grandma.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: But Queen Daisy Mae don’t you understand? You don’t remember Grandma because you came along after she passed away. Now as for white kind of cat you are….(interrupted by Queen Daisy Mae).

Queen Daisy Mae: Now here comes the bad news. You’re going to drop the other shoe now aren’t you? OH NO!! OH NO!! OH NOOOO!! OH NOOOO!! OH NOOOOO!!

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Queen Daisy Mae, the other shoe is going to drop but in a good way. Now let me answer what you consider to be the dreaded question. What kind of cat you are? You see in my opinion Queen Daisy Mae, you are not only a Tuxedo Cat but you are cute, adorable smart, intelligent, a joy, a blessing, man’s best friend and companion and much, much more.

Queen Daisy Mae: You really think all of those things about me? 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Why yes Queen Daisy Mae I do. I Love You Very, Very Much. 

Queen Daisy Mae: Really? Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal, I’m glad and I’m also glad you Love Me.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: You’re Welcome Queen Daisy Mae. In Fact, I think you are a very, very special cat who is part of my family.  

Queen Daisy Mae: OOOH!!  OOOOH!! OOOOOH!! OOOOOOH!! Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal, Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal aren’t you forgetting something aren’t you? Aren’t You?  

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Can’t think of anything I’m forgetting Queen Daisy Mae. What do you think I’m forgetting?

Queen Daisy Mae: How soon they forget. The poems Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal the poems. Do you Remember now? 

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: The Poems. I haven’t forgotten. In fact, I have written the poems and already published the posts that have the poems and you go to my site directly and see the poems or you can find the poems at the following links and they are:  Heroes and Angel Tigger.

😺😺😺😺🐾🐾🐾🐾😺😺😺😺Queen Daisy Mae Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: We hope that everyone has a great day and we wish your furfriends well too. 😺😺😺😺🐾🐾🐾🐾😺😺😺😺

Daisy Mae All Stretched Out Showing Off Her Grey And White Belly.



Angel Tigger



Poem By: Crystal Stewart

Written In: 2018



A Crotchety Cougar you weren’t but

You were old enough to be a Cougar

So even though you weren’t a

Crotchety Cougar, You were Crystal’s Cougar

And I will always think of you

As Crystal’s Crotchety Cougar or

Just Crystal’s Tigger Kitty.

Tigger, it was a very sad day

When you went over the Rainbow Bridge.

We rescued you from an environment

You should never have been in.

When we got you, you were scared

Of us and hid in my bedroom closet. 

You eventually bonded with my Mother and

I but Dad was another story.

Through your time with us you

Stayed under our feet most of the time,

You snuggled on our laps, You liked napping

On laps and you liked to play pole.

Tigger, I have so many memories of you

Including the memories of you and

Sister Queen Daisy. I am so glad

You made up with Dad before

You passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Tigger, you were very much part

Of our family and we will

Always miss you.

Tigger, we loved you so much

That you left pawprints on our hearts.

Tigger, you have become an Angel and 

You are able to walk again and

You aren’t miserable or suffering any pain.

My sweet Tigger Kitty is now an angel and

You will always be missed.

That sweet adorable kitty that you

Hissed at sometimes, she misses you too.

Sadly missed by

Queen Daisy Mae And

Queen MOM Deputy Sister Crystal







POEM BY: Crystal Stewart

Written in 2018

17 years ago today was a very, very sad day 

Because a terrible thing called a terrorist

attack happened. Two planes flew into the

Twin Towers and that killed a lot of people.

The people who did this also tried to fly

A plane into the Pentagon but because the

People on the plane had a mission in mind

And they knew they had two chances

Slim and none so they gave it their best shot

And thanks to those people on the plane, 

              Who willingly gave their lives to save the people

At the Pentagon from certain death

By crashing the plane in a field.

Those people may not of realized then but

They are heroes in more ways than one.

We are very thankful for these people who

Turned into heroes and we are very glad they

“Let it roll” and decided to play the role of hero.

So when something terrible is about to happen

And you need to make a decision of what to do

Remember the situation these people were in and

The decision they made and how it helped them.

After remembering what they did might make

Your decision a little bit easier.