I Won: Book Review – Part 1


Hi readers and welcome to CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE. Daisy Mae has taken a few days off while I write this post. So she is not with me for this post. Also, most of you know Daisy Mae is my cat so she does what she wants(what a surprise). As many of you know I had to take a break from my WordPress blogs unexpectedly and just got back. Part 1 of this post will tell you How I got the book. Part 2 of this post will be the book review. If I did this post all in one it would be long. I hope you enjoy it. I’m so happy for all my followers and readers and yes I do appreciate you.   


The first thing I did to win this book was read a post about the book and then there was Rafflecopter giveaway. To be truthful, I had mixed feelings about entering this giveaway. I finally decided and told myself you like to read so why not? Yeah Why Not. I deserve 1 of 3 signed copies as much as anyone.


 So when I received an e-mail I won 1 of 3 signed copies  of SWEET BREATH of MEMORY by best-selling author ARIELLA COHEN I was excited. No, I was more than excited, I was surprised and shocked. When I came across ARIELLA COHEN’S blog it was actually through another blog, Two Gals and a Book. Knowing ahead of time what it was about and the post title was descriptive too. When I checked her blog out I was impressed.


I was at ARIELLA’S blog for multiple reasons. What are the reasons you’re probably wondering and asking yourself? The reasons are: 1.) My curiosity was peaked through Two Gals And A Book that I had to check ARIELLA’S blog out. 2.) There was a giveaway on a signed copy of a book I hadn’t read(that I probably wouldn’t win but thought what the heck I’ll enter anyway—more on that later). 3.) I like to read. 4.) Lastly, I had multiple other reasons but listed are my top 3. If you want to check out ARIELLA COHEN’S BLOG it can be done by going to ARIELLA COHEN. This link will take you to her blog site.


I won 1 of 3 signed copies of the book SWEET BREATH of MEMORY. I was ecstatic. I read the book on vacation and finished it within a week. I do



I do have a Goodreads account, however due to unforseen problems with getting my books to show on my Goodreads Widget so my Goodreads user profile link is Goodreads Profile . Remember if you check my link out, I just got a Goodreads account but I have read several books that I haven’t put on my shelves yet.

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