This is an update on some comments going to my WordPress SPAM FOLDER. I addressed this 5 days ago and if you haven’t read the post or you just want to refresh in your mind what I’ve said, you can read the post by clicking HERE

To those who are going to my SPAM FOLDER and are wondering why? Let me try to explain. I’ve been getting SPAMMED by certain sites and from what I’ve been seeing WordPress SPAM Filter is not only putting the sites in SPAM but other sites with part of the same URL.

What Do I want from you? I need all of you to patient and bear with me please. Another thing I ask of you especially those getting Spammed please don’t keep commenting me What? If you have a legit blog I will find that out when I check out your site. If you only leave me only an e-mail address well I have no way of checking that out so it probably won’t be approved unless I recognize it. Also to those who have a blog in some other language other than English, please make sure you have Google Translator or another way to translate to English so I can check your blog out.  Please keep commenting.

I can hear the question now she’s told us what she wants us to do but what’s she going to do? Well I’ve done part of it already. Below is what I’m going to do.

  1. Take all e-mails off Blacklist(DONE).

  2. Put certain e-mails on the list to go to moderation first. No guarantees 

    I’ve done everything I can so I guess we’ll see what happens. Also, just a friendly reminder don’t keep asking What? to me or other bloggers if you see your comment  might be going to SPAM. I check ALL sites out before approving. Keep in mind that if I can’t translate your site to English I can’t approve your comment. I will be posting this on my other site also so everyone can see it.

Thanks For Your Patience,

4 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. I have the same problem from time to time. People that I’ve approved long ago end up in my spam folder. I check my spam folder several times a day. Oh well.

    Have a fabulous day, Crystal. Scritches to Daisy Mae. ♥

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  2. I also got a lot of those “what?” comments from strange domain names with a .xyz at the end of it. A fellow blogger who was receiving the same kind of comments and likes clicked the link and she said it went straight to a porn site. Just annoying and scary at the same time. Be careful. Happy weekend!

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    1. Doesn’t surprise me. I checked the site out see if it was legit. Of course it wasn’t. The comments that are going to SPAM seem to be the sites that are http://www.sexy.yhxlt.ru, http://www.sexy.kazgh.ru, http://www.sexy.bzfos.ru, http://www.sexyjyyn.website, http://www.sexyxyo.website, http://www.sexyhoeu.website and any site that ends in anything like or similar goes to SPAM. Getting a lot What? too. No wonder my anti-virus warned me of Porn site trying to get into my computer several times. I thought it was scam. I gave you these sites in case you have this problem.


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