It seems some of the comments are going to SPAM. Please don’t stop commenting due to this. I have contacted WordPress and really all I can do is mark them as not SPAM once you’ve commented and they go to the SPAM Folder. Please understand my reasoning, I’ve had spammers in the past so I have put certain sites on Moderation and the Blacklist. It seems that WordPress is not just Spamming these ones but putting other sites in Spam Folder if they have part of the e-mail in them so keep commenting and I will keep unSPAMMING.

Also, if you see that your comment has been SPAMMED by WordPress I ask you not to comment What? I can’t tell you how many What? comments I deleted. Please accept the fact I will be going over my SPAM Folder and your comment will be caught. If you have a long comment please use comment form because if your comment is to long it will go to SPAM. 

Thank You For Patience,