Awww…Mondays, Sparks & Tuesday Fun

Hi Everyone, I’m kind of cheating this week. I’m putting Awww…Mondays, Sparks & Tuesday Fun all in one post. Below is a question I want to ask you all. It’s about redheads so if you’re a redhead no offense intended. I’m a Redhead and got a chuckle out of this.



I took this picture of a Kitten and a Dog that was on June 2018 calendar. The calendar was sent to me by an organization I give money to. That organization is VFW(VETERAN OF FOREIGN WARS).

The VFW website is: VFW WEBSITE

FOR those of you that can’t read the quote I chose for Sparks it reads: 

There is experience better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

— John Andrew Holmer —






CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE – Resized images. – If Women could read Minds,… quote. – If Women could read Minds,… quote(AKA the Funny quotes Collection of top 40 most funniest quotes of all time) – Dear My Brain,… quote. – So if a readhead goes crazy,… minion quote and It’s coffee and I need some Tuesday quote. – Alert! Alert! Another Monday is on it’s way… quote. – All You Need is Love…and a CAT quote. – Clean Paws Before Dinner Inspection quote. – It’s coffee and I need some Tuesday…Garfield quote.




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