Awww…Mondays & Sparks

Once again, CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE is joining our fantastic hostess Comedy Plus for AAAwww…Mondays.  If you’re not familiar with Awww…Mondays, it’s quite simple. All you do is post a picture that makes you go Awww. It can be one you’ve taken, One somebody has sent you or One from the internet. I love doing Awww…Mondays with because it’s fun. My picture for Awww…Mondays is a picture of a picture of my cat Snowball who passed over the Rainbow Bridge many years ago but I still miss her.   Please Note: It’s a picture of a picture since I didn’t have a digital camera at that time just a disposable. To add your link or see others who are joining Awww…Mondays please click on Awww…Mondays badge or click on the link below Awww…Mondays badge. Hope you come join us for some fun and cuteness.


Once again CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE is joining McGuffy’s Reader for Sparks. What is Sparks? Sparks is an encouraging post you do every Monday. Your post can be an Encouraging quote, Encouraging picture, Encouraging Poem written by you or someone else or something you just find encouraging.  Please join us for Sparks every Monday along with our fantastic hostess  It’s lots of  fun to do and who knows whose spirits you’ll lift. To add your link or see others joining Sparks click on the badge above or the link below the badge.

For those who can’t read the encouraging Bible Verse I have used for Sparks it says:

They that wait upon the Lord

shall renew their strength

they shall mount up with

Wings as


Is. 40:31