Caption This Picture Update

Earlier I asked you to caption the picture below. When I asked you to caption the picture I purposely  didn’t tell you what was in the picture because I wanted to see what your captions would say.  I must say, you came up with some good captions for the picture. I want to thank everyone for their captions.  Now onto who won caption contest. Well because they were all so good I don’t have a clear winner. If I get any captions that are better after I tell you what’s  in the picture, I’ll update you.  Because of thick fog we had the morning of January 11,2018(Yes I know it says 6:39 PM but it should be 6:39 AM), the deer in the picture are really hard to see. I do hope you’ll send me your captions now that you know that it’s deer in thick fog. Thanks to everyone for sending your captions