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What Am I Doing?

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I Can’t Find The Hiking Trail



WRITTEN ON: 4/7/2018


Our pets and loved ones are

Those little angels that come as

Butterflies each Spring and Summer to

Visit their loved ones and to

Check on them to make sure

They are doing OK. After all,

Our pets don’t stop loving us and

Taking care of us just because

They cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

They are already Angels and they get

Their wings when they cross the

Rainbow Bridge so when they come as

Butterflies it shouldn’t surprise us that

They stay until the end of Summer. 

So when you see a Butterfly 

Remember that they are on a

Special mission for God and that

They will see you and your other

Pets someday soon over that

Beautiful Rainbow Bridge. So when

A Butterfly or Butterflies lands on a

Beautiful flower around your house

Embrace the beauty it brings to

Your plants and the encouragement

The Butterfly or Butterflies

Will bring to you.

*Please Note* This is a special Sparks post to honor all my pets I’ve lost and to honor everyone else’s pets that they have lost.