Photo-Bomb(Deer Style): Wordless Wednesday

I have started joining the Comedy Plus team on Wednesdays for Wordless Wednesday. Wordless Wednesday is when you share a picture which conveys  a message without words. The code for Wordless Wednesday is in the sidebar of Comedy Plus’ s blog or you can enter your link in Mr. Linky’s page which can be found on the Comedy Plus Blog too.  I hope you join us. If you do join us, be sure to put the Wordless Wednesday badge somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see your pictures.




Setting Goals

bloggingu-blue-logoWelcome everyone. I haven’t taken a blogging course in a while so I decided to take a 10 day course in Branding And Growth: Day One – Set Three Specific Goals. I will be keeping everyone up to date on what I’m doing and learning in my 10 day blogging course.

I blog to meet new people, friends and just to have fun. If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams it would have a lot of followers, likes and the perfect theme.


  1. To Have 200 Followers By January 2, 2019.
  2. To Get 100 Likes By the January, 2019.
  3. To Find A Theme That Is More Updated Than The One I Have By January 2, 2019.