On The Subject Of Squirrels

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these days of mine

It was unseasonably warm here yesterday, so I took the opportunity to fill the bird feeders.

And no sooner than I came back inside….

I really don’t mind the squirrels having some of the bird seed.  Thankfully, I learned long ago to attach the feeders to the tree limbs with zip-ties.

So far, at least, the feeders are remaining in place.

And the squirrels are entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, Baby Blues is one of my favorite comic strips. This was Monday’s offering, and as usual, it brought a chuckle.

~These Days Of Mine~

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Blogging Advice! Part Two – Increasing traffic

Bionic Book Worm

And I’m back with more blogging advice! I hope you all enjoyed part one (click here for that post) where I talked about advice for beginners. Now this post is directed to everyone in general, but still more for beginners. We all want to increase our followers. Followers are part of the reason we blog! Here are a few ways that you can maybe increase your blog traffic. Now just remember – I am not a blogging professional! I am quite an amateur but these are the things that have helped me personally and a few other bloggers I have talked to 🙂


I don’t hide the fact that I don’t enjoy book tags. They’re fun every once in a while but, for me anyway, I don’t enjoy them on a regular basis. They take me forever to think of answers and…

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Blogging advice! Part One – For Beginners

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Bionic Book Worm

One of the posts that I love to read from other bloggers is advice posts. I wish so much that I would have seen some of these posts when I first started out because it could have saved me so much hassle, heartache, and tears. Yes, tears. When I first started my blog I knew nothing! I’m the type of person who jumps feet first into something if I want it bad enough and do my research as I go along. Looking back, I probably should have done more research, but I wanted this blog so badly! I wanted a place to talk about books as they’ve been a constant passion from a very young age. But blogging is a little more than just passion. Obviously, being passionate about something is necessary to maintaining a place on the internet dedicated to a certain subject BUT, feeling successful is what I…

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Blogging advice! Part three – Making blogging easier!

Very good post. A must read for everyone.

Bionic Book Worm

We’ve all been there many times before – the dreaded blogging slump. Just like in reading, we can sometimes burn ourselves out on something and suddenly it starts to feel like a chore. The first time I experienced blogger burnout I was so upset! I ended up doing some soul searching and figured out why it happened and how I can prevent it. Like the other advice i’ve given, this is also a personal thing to each blogger and some of these may not work for you. Also please remember – I am not a blogging professional! So take this advice at your own risk!



Whether you write down your ideas in a notebook, on a spreadsheet, or on your phone, point is – write it down! There are so many times where I’ve thought of a post topic while busy doing something else thinking to myself…

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