There are four seasons that occur during the year. The seasons are: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In some places three or all four seasons can happen in one day but not officially. Each season has an official start date and an official end date.

Spring officially started on March 20, 2017 and will officially end on June 21, 2017. Summer is almost here. I like Spring and Summer so much I wrote a poem about SPRING IS HERE.


Spring Is Here and the flowers are blooming~Their heads poke up through the ground~ They think will I live to see the day~I’m a blooming flower or will I die from the frost?~A Flower’s life is actually like a human’s life~It is uncertain and always will remain Uncertain.~So when you’re walking through a flower garden remember that it took~A lot Of work and a lot Tender Loving care~For these flowers to get to be as beautiful as they Are,~ So when it rains and the breeze blows across the flowers~Don’t be upset~but be Grateful~ Because the rain and the breeze helps make the flowers~Grow and be Beautiful so we can enjoy them.

Poem And Pictures By: Crystal Stewart(2017)






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